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...are for other rooms. One chooses to linger and absorb the warmth of home with Barron and Stoll Interior Design.


Laura Barron Stoll, Principal at Barron & Stoll Interior Design, actively embraces the new traditional viewpoint as a platform for the good life. Educated at The Pratt Institute, Laura's vast versatility is an outgrowth of her extensive travel and ongoing appreciation for the arts.


In a world of instant gratification, Laura slows the pace of today's lifestyle through her relaxed and timeless interiors.


While observing Laura Barron Stoll work with her clients, it is quickly recognized that something special has taken place between them. Unlike some designers who enforce their personal stamp, Laura understands that her purpose is to create environments that enhance the lives of people.


A room should be a snapshot of the owner. 

Laura’s keen eye brings your style into sharp focus.


Texture and tone really complete the story; a classic interior doesn’t equal “stuffy” but should be a balance of beautiful furnishings and accessories that add up to rooms one’s guests never want to leave.


Color is critical too; a room comes alive—becomes a jewel box—with the right color consideration.

The guiding principle is to ensure the design process remains fun and easy-going; this "shopping with a friend" perspective has clients returning for far more than a signature look.

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We have collaborated with Laura Barron Stoll on several residences. She is an extremely talented designer with a great eye and her work always enhances ours.


I have worked with several other quality designers over the years but chose Laura to work on my own home and she exceeded my already high expectations. I highly recommend Barron & Stoll.

Brehm Architects, Collaborator & Client



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“We’re really telling a story; the best designed interiors compliment—reflect—the client’s point of view and ultimately showcase a life well-lived through family gatherings, travels and the odd flea market find!”

Laura Stoll

Laura Barron Stoll

tel: 312-505-6170 


777 N Michigan Ave

Chicago, Il 60611

Wonderful! Laura will be in touch with you soon.

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